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~We Shop, We Ship. You Try, You Buy~

Personalized service

& customized shopping.

Have you heard of Stitch Fix, Gwynnie Bee or Trunk Club?  

These "new" ways of online personal shopping have become

super popular over the last few of years.  Did you know Sandy

has been offering this SAME SERVICE for almost 25 years now?


Sandy ships from Alaska to New York to Texas.  If you are not able to get

to one of Sandy's shops and you don't have the time to shop online we

have the perfect solution for you.


We will send you a box of clothing to try on at home.  You keep what

you want and return the rest, if there is anything to return that is. 

Sandy herself will pick out a few things for you and I'll bet you'll love

her choices.  Try it today.  We'll pay shipping to you and (if needed) you

pay shipping back to us

or bring your box back to our store. 


Ready to try?  Contact Sandy at or 715-533-0159 to reserve your SHOP IN A BOX.  

We'll get started right away putting together a 'shop in the box' for you.  Sandy's reserves the expertise to determine the number of items sent.

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