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Timeless classy earrings for all occasions.


The double discs are cutouts from a discarded tractor inner tube. This inner tube has a subtle pattern to it for a nice touch of texture.


I created them with a black-on-black color story, making them an easy go to style.


  • Niobium ear wires, great for sensitive skin

  • Drop style

  • Length 3”

  • Small disc 1”

  • Large disc 1.5”

  • Ultra-lightweight to wear

Tammy Rice Earrings - EDD

SKU: TammyRiceEarEDD


    I’m a self-taught artist from Minnesota-you betcha!! I enjoy taking discarded materials & creating them into new means of usefulness. My choice of medium is tractor & bicycle inner tubes along with found objects of interest.

    My art is a slow style jewelry & handbag atelier founded in 2008, my focus is ethically crafted in timeless silhouettes that contain boldness & driven by my passion to be uncommon. I don’t do cookie-cutter!

    All my styles are 100% handmade to be minimal waste-meaning only small amounts of the inner tube are left over after cutting, sewing & assembling my work. I believe that having a propose in creating my art softens the carbon footprint we leave behind. Together we can make a conscious choice to stand for our values.

    Black is my happy color!

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