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• 5x7 folding card with envelope

StoryPeople Greeting Cards

  • The StoryPeople Crew works in a big old building with brightly painted walls on Water Street in Decorah, Iowa. Our small town is in a valley made by a meteor. Gabe wrote a story about it:

    The weirdest part of living on top of a 470 million year-old crater is the people.

    We’re not sure if he was thinking of the people he works with, but a case could be made. 

    Decorah is in a corner of what is called the Driftless Region, named because eons ago the glaciers did not drift across this land and scrape it flat, but rather, stopped and melted, and the runoff made glorious bluffs and rivers and streams that defy your idea of Iowa.

    You are invited to drop by anytime to visit us. Then you can explore the beautiful things there are to do here: biking and hiking our trails, eating tasty locally-sourced food, and drinking beer at our two famous breweries. We are a small town that lives big.

    StoryPeople just turned 25, which is pretty young in human years. We’ve been feeling our youth lately, because so much is new around here. Alongside our classic stories and the lovely things we put them on, are all sorts of new ones, full of heart and hope and the conviction that we humans are actually going to figure out that we are, for real, all in this together. That’s why every print gets a brown-paper sticker on the back that says:

    Imagine a world where we listen to everyone’s stories, and learn we are not as different as we are the same.

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