Nordic Beach ~ Be Comfy Be Cozy!

Malibu inspired 1 size fits all Comfy Cozy cover up.

Because all too often a beautiful day can turn cold quickly.

Made from our light & fluffy cotton candy signature fabric. 

The super soft 100% micro poly is easy to care for.

Machine wash separate, cool temperature, delicate cycle.

Remove from washer and shake it up. Let air dry!  

Once dry, shake again to fluff or tumble dry NO heat 1 minute.

Nordic Beach Cozy Body Wrap - PETITE

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  • "A hot summer day on a SoCal beach is when & where Nordic Beach was born. A hot day that turned cold quickly once the sun started to set and the wind shifted, blowing in directly off the Pacific.  It was that moment seeing how a girl had wrapped a cozy blanket around herself that gave me the vision to design what is now known as Nordic Beach. A comfy cozy hooded wrap that flatters any age and any body type.  My carefully thought out  & executed design allows for a 1 size fits all.  Wear it anywhere you want to be comfy & cozy and discover for yourself why so many people who have a Nordic Beach love it so much! I’m certain you will too!"

    Markus Bender
    Nordic Beach/Designer

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