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These completely handmade bells are very distinctive from other bells due to the secret family formula of melting various metals and adding the hand hewed wood clapper to make a melodic and echoing tone.  For generations the formula has been passed on from one family member to another.  The individual tuning of each bell creates the unusual resonate sound. 

Price includes bell and metal hook for easy hanging!


The iron pieces are hand cut and hand polished by a group of craftsmen in India.  Please do expect some variations in the designs.  Due to the nature of the iron, please expect some rust on the pieces over time.  If it does happen please spray the piece with clear lacquer.  These iron pieces; hangings; chimes are both for indoor and outdoor use.


Approximate Sizes:

XLarge (5.5 x 18) out of stock

Large  (4.5 x 8)

Medium  (3.5 x 6)

Small (2.5 x 5)


Nana Bells - 3 Sizes!!

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