5 x 7 notecards are locally printed with soy inks in small, delicious batches, on heavy stock with lots of recycled content.


Hope - A thing with feathers.

Start Slowly - Do you love a sloth? Who doesn’t love a sloth! Start slowly, then taper off. Some timely advice from the legendary Walt Stack, about staying in it for the long haul. Or hang.

Reunion - Nothing more relaxing than sitting by the water with an old friend.

Honeybee - An homage to our favorite buzzy friend, the honeybee, without whom we’d all be in dire straits.

The Hivernants Spring' - Hivernant is French for “winterer,” like these chickadees, who are celebrating the appearance of a bit of green. with a quote from M. Twain: to get the full value of joy you must have someone to divide it with.

In Flight - Nobody says it quite like Rumi: “Respond to every call that excites your spirit.” Brilliant Rick Allen chickadees flying high.

Weightless - Spread your wings and swim. What else is there to say, really.

A Single Thing - Regarding our interconnectedness… a tribute to the honey bee with a quote by John Muir. The design is inspired by a Dutch public health poster from 1915.

Northern Lights - It is good to embrace a hope, yes it is.

Surprised by Love - Talking with friends at a coffee house about the nature of romance, how we’re often surprised by its appearance. Like the bumptious meadow vole …


Kenspeckle Letterpress Cards

  • At the western extremity of Lake Superior, the Kenspeckle Letterpress makes its home in Duluth, Minnesota (The Paris of the North). Kenspeckle is a Scottish word meaning easily recognisable or distinctive, and can be applied both to this unique corner of the globe and to the quaint conceits of modern design which Rick Allen and Marian Lansky produce in their cast iron & digital fabrefactory.

    Rick works back in the 19th Century, printing his wood engravings and lino cuts in small editions using multiple blocks and hand coloring, whilst over in the 21st Century, Marian prepares limited edition giclees of Rick’s prints as well as her own.