Rosin Honey

So good, you’ll ditch the spoon. Two ingredients make up our Farmhouse Rosin Honey: raw local honey and our solventless CBD rosin. A perfect mate for your morning coffee or evening tea, this sage, alfalfa, and sunflower honey greets your tastebuds with an array of earthy and floral tones.

Whether you’re a new cannabis user or a hemp maven, our full-spectrum wildflower honey will become your favorite CBD sweetener.


Use & Dosage

  • One teaspoon of our 500mg & 125mg Rosin Honey equals 20mg of full-spectrum CBD
  • One teaspoon of our 250mg Rosin Honey equals 10mg of full-spectrum CBD
  • Use in place of traditional honey
  • Using in place of hemp drops? We recommend starting with a low dose and gradually work your way up to your desired result. Generally, we’ve found a great starting dose to be 30mg a day
  • We recommend breaking up your dose: one in the morning and one about 45-min before bed
  • Pro tip: replace traditional honey with Rosin Honey for cooking and baking


Product Details: 

  • Made with raw “SAS” honey: Sage, alfalfa, and sunflower
  • Shelf life: two-years (raw honey will crystalize overtime)
  • When not in use, store in a dark, dry place
  • Mixed in small batches and labeled with a batch number for testing
  • Formulated with our in-house extracted Solventless Full-Spectrum CBD Rosin


Ingredient List: 

  • Farmhouse’s Organic & Solventless Full-Spectrum CBD Rosin
  • Raw Colorado Wildflower SAS Honey from Copoco’s Honey


Potency Options

  • 250mg Solventless Full-Spectrum CBD Rosin (4 oz jar)
  • 500mg Solventless Full-Spectrum CBD Rosin (4 oz jar)

Farmhouse Hemp Honey

  • Farmhouse extraction process uses only heat and pressure (rosin technology) and no chemicals.

    They are the only company using this method.

    ​Its completely sustainable... as remaining mash is used to feed animals.

    ​They are involved in aspects of their product from start to finish.

    Growing  |  Processing  |  Packaging

    We are excited to be 1 0f the 4 farmers and the 1st and only in Wisconsin growing for Farmhouse!

    They are a small Colorado company with Wisconsin roots!

  • Our products are housed at several locations and therefore may require extra time in shipping and delivery.  Please be patient with us as we navigate our new online shopping experience!