Everyday Salve

It’s no surprise that this full-spectrum salve is a customer favorite. The moment you open our Everyday Salve, you’re greeted by the calming aroma of organic lavender and lemongrass. Once applied, our CBD rosin, beeswax, and coconut oil blend begins to soothe your skin.

No matter what the day brings, this salve will become your relaxation companion. In fact, you won’t want to go a day without it.


Use & Dosage:

  • Recommended for folks with sensitive skin

  • Apply sparingly to dry, damaged or chapped skin and/or areas of discomfort and pain 

  • Rub salve fully into the skin/area

  • Re-apply every 3-4 hours

  • Avoid open wounds or abrasions

  • Our pocket salves (35 mg fun size) are perfect to take on-the-go

  • Pro tip: if you’ve had a long day, rub onto temples and neck


Product Details: 

  • 150mg of Solventless Full-Spectrum CBD Rosin, 1oz Jar

  • 300mg of Solventless Full-Spectrum CBD Rosin, 2oz Jar

  • 35mg of Solventless Full-Spectrum CBD Rosin, 0.2oz Fun Size Container

  • When not in use, store in a dark, dry place

  • Made in small batches and labeled with batch number for corresponding test results

  • Formulated with our in-house extracted Solventless Full-Spectrum CBD Rosin 


Ingredient List: 

  • Farmhouse’s Organic & Solventless Full-Spectrum CBD Rosin

  • Organic beeswax

  • Organic coconut oil & olive oil

  • Organic lavender & lemongrass essential oil

Farmhouse Hemp Everyday CBD Salve

  • Farmhouse extraction process uses only heat and pressure (rosin technology) and no chemicals.

    They are the only company using this method.

    ​Its completely sustainable... as remaining mash is used to feed animals.

    ​They are involved in aspects of their product from start to finish.

    Growing  |  Processing  |  Packaging

    We are excited to be 1 0f the 4 farmers and the 1st and only in Wisconsin growing for Farmhouse!

    They are a small Colorado company with Wisconsin roots!

  • Our products are housed at several locations and therefore may require extra time in shipping and delivery.  Please be patient with us as we navigate our new online shopping experience!