Silver wire tree on Vermolnt slate by Doug Adams.

Height = approx 10.5"


"Our aim is to enhance your home with beauty from pieces mostly functional that reflect nature. Nature creates so many amazing colors, patterns and forms. We put things together to accentuate the odd or different knot or grain pattern.  Nature is the artist, we display and bring it to you."

Doug Adams Silver Wire Tree

SKU: D.ADAMSsilvertreeonslate
  • Doug Adams was born in Melrose, Massachusetts. In 1970 he started a leatherwork business, which funded his college education. After graduating from Nasson College in Maine with a B.S. in biology he started a sculpture business in Berkshire County Massachusetts with his brother, Randy.

    In 1977 he also began studying woodworking with Master Craftsman Jim Lovejoy of Berkshire County, Massachusetts. Always a man who loved creating 3 dimensional objects, Doug was inspired by Mr. Lovejoy to create beautiful functional designs.

    In 1980 Doug moved to Fairfield, Iowa where he established his own custom furniture making business. In 1990 the University (MUM) located in Fairfield, asked him to establish and teach a new program, “Fine Furniture and Woodworking”.

    Educating students in a disappearing craft was a huge fulfillment. He continued this for 23 years. Fourteen years were spent teaching a 4 year certificate program and during the next 9 years he taught 1 month woodworking courses through the University’s Art and Sustainable Living Departments so that more students could enjoy this gift.

    All the while Doug was building most of the furniture for the University.

    Doug continued his own creative pursuits throughout those busy teaching years, and showed his work in private shows and many galleries in Iowa.

    In 2013 Doug retired from formal teaching and custom furniture making to put all his attention on his love of less functional works of art be they sculptures or inlaid mosaic wood.