db Taos products are anti-bacterial!


High in minerals and nourishing oils that replenish, moisturize and restore the skin. two sages bring substance with desert sage and clary sage. It’s antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties relieve the symptoms of eczema and psoriasis to sooth and sustain healthy skin.


INGREDIENTS: deionized water; saponified oils of (olea europaea) olive, (cocos nucifera) coconut, and (elaeis guineensis) palm; (plaetensis species) spirulina and (chlorella pyrenoidosa) chlorophyll (colorant); (artemisia tridentata) desert sage; (pinus edulis) pinon; (juniperus) juniper leaf (wild gathered); essential oils of (horminum pyrenaicum) clary sage and (cymbopogon) lemongrass *certified organic


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  • A bar of soap

    …a small gesture to say thanks!

    I have this remarkable bar of soap in my store and have for years…this recent message from the company owner jogged my memory as to WHY the bar of soap is in my shop!


    Here’s her message…

    “My heart goes out to all who are experiencing any suffering due to the COVID 19. My prayers are with you.  We practice socially responsible business by giving proceeds of sales to our local homeless programs.

    Much love to all! - Toni Leigh”


    After reading this, I thought, “hmmm…what can I do?”

    Here’s what I came up with.

    For every bar of soap you by at Sandy’s, I will donate a bar to the Mayo Dialysis department.

    Why?  Because dialysis patients are one of the most vulnerable list during this time.

    It’s personal because my amazing father goes three times per week and tells me of the caring and competent care he receives.  It’s a small way to say THANK YOU health care workers. Cheers to their courage!!