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Starry Little Fortune Cards Made for Sharing

Send a wish upon a star with every one of these zodiac-themed cards. Add a card to a birthday gift. Tuck one into a bouquet of flowers. Or leave one at someone’s doorstep. Each card features art worth keeping and an inspiring fortune to last the whole year through. There’s a universe of well-wishes inside this box, and you get to give them away!

Cosmic Well Wishes cards offer sweet sentiments that are easy to give, such as:

May you remember that your determination is a force of nature, and that your tenderness is a part of your strength. May you find deep satisfaction in the life that you’re creating.

May you always get the chance to be your whole, most vibrant self. May every room you enter offer you space to shine, and a chance for your brilliance to be recognized.

May you recognize just how easy you are to love. And may you give yourself permission to be everything you are, because everything you are is exactly enough.

Special Features

Each card feels like a little cosmic cheerleader, reminding the recipient how wonderful they are
Horoscope-themed artwork gives each card a personal feel while being easy to give
A wonderful addition to a birthday, holiday, or New Year’s gift
Box features 2 cards each of 12 designs and black foil stamping

Cosmic Well Wishes Fortune Cards

SKU: 22071CosmisWellCards
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