CBA 00239

5" X 5"

Carla Brown Art Print on Baltic Birch

SKU: CBA00239
  • My inspiration and process
    I am inspired by the little details in life. I'm drawn to the negative space of the images I paint and I like to carve a space for the form to appear. This process allows for a more intuitive brushstroke. It seems to enhance the object even if its just a small bud on a tree. To me, everything around that little bud helps make it magical! Bright colors are truly my friends. Using intense combinations is what makes me feel alive and energized. Sometimes I like to calm down with a quiet palette. I occasionally paint on large canvases, but I prefer to paint on smaller pieces of unique shapes and sizes of wood.  I enjoy collecting, cutting, sanding and adding color to it. The texture, smell, and weight are always unpredictable. I like that the wood is a little dinged on the edges and shows some wear. Just like me!