Please keep in mind that the beads and design can vary per custom made piece.

Solid State Necklace by Janet Sanda

  • "I've always been crafty, a junker and repurposer, and a lifelong Daddy's little helper.  Tired of mass produced jewelry and looking through a box of vintage jewelry, my "ah ha" moment arrived.  My vision was to create something fun and unique; pieces that would spark a conversation.  So the business was born.  With the motto "laughter is the best medicine", I wanted my business and pieces to make people smile and bring back memories of playing dress-up with Grandma's valuable "jewels".  From vintage jewelry to maps, each piece is as unique as its recipient.

    Then one day a ball pein hammer and alphabet stamps were put into my hands.  Uh, oh...a monster was born.  There is nothing more rewarding than creating a necklace, bracelet or key ring for a well deserving recipient.  Like a mom, when her kiddos were helping me spell their names as I stamped away.  The look of pride and excitement on their faces as I presented to them the finished piece.  I could only imagine their anticipation as that lucky mom opened her gift that Christmas."   -Janet Sanda