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CBD at Sandy's

We use products from both companies and this is why we are passionate about both...

Farmhouse extraction process uses only heat and pressure (rosin technology) and no chemicals.

They are the only company using this method.

Its completely sustainable... as remaining mash is used to feed animals.

They are involved in aspects of their product from start to finish.

Growing  |  Processing  |  Packaging

We are excited to be 1 0f the 4 farmers and the 1st and only in Wisconsin growing for Farmhouse!

They are a small Colorado company with Wisconsin roots!

Evolv uses a super critical CO2 extraction process to create broad spectrum hemp oil containing 0.0% THC.

Their product is water compatible, meaning you can consume it in a drink!

Evolv is the only CBD company to add their patented Acemannan.  Acemannon is nature's most powerful non-toxic molecule for "rebooting" the immune system!

Evolv's company mission is to eradicate malnutrition.  Each serving you consume nourishes 2 children!

A big company with their heart in the right place!